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About Hospeace House

Hospeace House operates as an extension of the family, and in conjunction with nursing agencies to provide comfort care at the end of life.  Hospeace House provides 24-hour support for those who are terminally ill and their families in a loving, comfortable home. 

 At Hospeace House the needs of the person come first and we ensure dignity throughout their remaining days. We work to alleviate pain and suffering for both the resident and their family. Many of us have experienced and understand the challenges of caring for a loved one. Hospeace House hopes to help lessen those challenges by supporting the family during their journey.

There is no cost to the families that we serve, nor do we receive any reimbursement from insurance companies. Hospeace House is funded solely by donations, fundraising, memorial contributions, and through the generosity of our community. There are so many ways that you can help to keep Hospeace House, Inc serving our community. We can only fulfill our mission with the gracious help of our community members.

Monetary Do​nations

100% of your donation stays at Hospeace House to ensure that our mission continues. We rely on donations. We do not receive insurance reimbursement, state, or government funding.

Donation of Time

Hospeace House has many opportunities for you to donate a gift of your time. No medical experience is needed for care giving. There are many volunteer roles aside from care giving. Hospeace House is not able to continue without our generous volunteers.

Donation of Goods

You can support our mission by donating an item from our wish list. Hospeace House is always in need of household essentials such as paper products, toiletries, etc. We thank you for your kind generosity.

Our Team

We are honored t​o be part of your journey. Our team is made up of our Director of Operations, Volunteer Coordinator, our Skilled Overnight Staff, trained Resident Care Volunteers, and our support teams of volunteers. We work in collaboration with hospice agencies and your physician to provide 24 hour care and meet your needs.

Hospeace House Needs Your Continued Support

Hospeace House understands that navigating the end-of-life journey is difficult. That is why we make it our mission to help families through this difficult journey together and well supported. We care for the entire family so that they can focus on what matters most to them.


Hospeace House has served Ontario, Yates and other local counties since 2003 as a hospice house and then since 2018 as a comfort care home for individuals facing end of life and their families. We have been able to provide around the clock care as the result of community commitment of volunteer service and funding.


Hospeace House is funded solely by the many individuals, organizations and businesses who have shown generosity with time, talent, donations, and monetary gifts over the years. We are extremely grateful to all of you.


For Hospeace House to be remain a viable contributor to the community, we continue to need your support in two very important areas:

  • VOLUNTEERS: Having an appropriate and consistent number of resident care volunteers to fill our 4-hour shifts. Plus, other volunteers to help with a variety of assistance opportunities, such as: updating our FB page, posting photos, “Thank You” posts, HH happenings and bookkeeping. If you know anyone who may be interested, please have them reach out.


  • FUNDING: Establish sustainable and continuous funding sources that the Hospeace House can depend on to be able to provide care at no cost to residents now and into the future. This funding can come in many forms, such as: a monthly donation plan, single donations, fund raising event, foundation grants and others.


We appreciate all the support you have provided over the years that has allowed us to serve the many communities in our area.

If you have questions and/or would like to share your input, you can:

  • Send your ideas and suggestions to
  • Attend a “Community Forum Meeting” that we plan to hold again this fall of 2023, to share the progress we have made, the continued opportunities we have, the wonderful support we have gotten from you (our community) and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and share your input.


The Board of Directors

Hospeace House 

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