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Hospeace House, Inc.

A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

About Us...

Hospeace House provides 24-hour support for those who are terminally ill and their families in a loving, comfortable home. Hospeace House operates as an extension of the family, and in conjunction with nursing agencies to provide comfort care at the end of life. At Hospeace House the needs of the person come first and we ensure dignity throughout their remaining days. We work to alleviate pain and suffering for both the resident and their family. Many of us have experienced and understand the challenges of caring for a loved one. Hospeace House hopes to help lessen those challenges by supporting the family during their journey.

There is no cost to the families that we serve, nor do we receive any reimbursement from insurance companies. Hospeace House is funded solely by donations, fundraising, memorial contributions, and through the generosity of our community. There are so many ways that you can help to keep Hospeace House, Inc serving our community. We can only fulfill our mission with the gracious help of our community members. 

Our Team

We are honored to be part of  your journey. Our team is made up of our Executive Director, Volunteer Coordinator, our Skilled Overnight Staff, trained Resident Care Volunteers, and our support teams of volunteers. We work in collaboration with hospice agencies and your physician to provide 24 hour care and meet your needs.


Dear Friends of Hospeace House

Like many businesses in our community, we need to adjust to a changing environment. Recently we had changes at Hospeace House that will help us more effectively meet our primary purpose -- to provide comfort and care to individuals and their families in their final days.

We want to reinforce to the community, our supporters, staff and volunteers our dedication to our mission and our promise to be good stewards of our resources and resolution to remain a vibrant servant to our community.

During this period our plans are to continue to welcome individuals and their families seeking respite, peace and comfort during their unique time of change and transition. Hospeace House has helped countless families in the past and we are confident we will continue well into the future.

We want to thank our loyal supporters, staff, volunteers and the businesses and individuals vital to our prosperity.

As a partner to our mission, you are vitally important to us. We are very grateful for your support and will be updating you as we identify changes and improvements, including updates as we conduct our search for a new Executive Director.

The Board of Directors

Hospeace House  

Jennifer Emmons, RN

Executive Director

Jennifer is a Registered Nurse experienced in hospice care, home health, long term care, care of individuals with developmental disabilities, and a variety of other settings. She joined Hospeace House in August of 2017. She grew up in Naples and has raised her four children there as well. She is a resident of County Road 34 in South Bristol, and lives just a few miles from Hospeace House. Her love for hospice care dates back to 1997 when she was first introduced to the hospice philosophy through home care visits as a HHA. She has been blessed with the opportunity to support many individuals during their hospice journey both professionally as well as in her personal life. She spent 12 weeks in the NY Metropolitan area assisting those dying alone from Covid-19 during the height of the pandemic. She was named a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Foundation in 2021.